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$30,150 diamond covered Apple Watch – Another bait for miserably rich folks


The new comer isn’t a surprise, but is bait for miserable rich people looking to show off with their full heart. It’s a diamond studded, 18k gold plated, Apple Watch from Mervis Diamonds. That’s true. It’s the same name that did same to iPad and sold it for $20,000.

Mervis is selling this diamond encrusted version of the Apple Watch for $30,150 on preorder. Jesus Christ ! Even the date of release for the Watch isn’t out yet, and the world is already planning to exploit it. Well, this bling- stuff sells, people buy it, and it goes on while one-third of world suffer from hunger and basic facilities.

Anyway, if want to know more, then this diamond watch features a tennis bracelet design, and it carries 8 rows of high-grade diamonds. The diamonds totals 15.14 karat and are graded as E/F in colors and VS1/VS in clarity.
We are sure, the original Apple Watch’s cost, $350, already sounds cheap to many. Doesn’t it?

May be you should read why Gizmodo suggested, “Don’t Spend $30,000 On This Stupid Diamond-Covered Apple Watch”.