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A perfect Chinese iPhone 6 clone selling for $243


While some ultra-creative brains spend their lives sorting out the best design and technology for creating electronic gadgets, there are others, who, meanwhile, feed on clones of their technology. Hardly, anyone stand against China in cloning and duplicate electronic products. They go for the best. That’s their trick.

There is a new comer from China. It’s selling for $243 by the name of Dakele Big Cola 3. Everything except the name is cloned. You can’ tell the difference if two products, iPhone 6 and Cola 3 a, are placed together. Rather, Cola 3 specs surpass that of iPhone 6 itself. It features a 3.7 GHz-64-bit Mediatek MT6752 octa-core chipset, 3GB RAM, with a 16 GP internal storage, which is expandable upto 128 GB with an external microSD card.

It features 13 MP ( f/2.0)rear camera and 8 MP in the front. It offer relatively larger display at 15-inches.
Well, you might expect Apple to go for a billion dollar lawsuit, but it’s just that China is out of Apple’s jurisdiction. The clone makers don’t need to worry about any legal repercussions. Still, the online availability is going to cheer those who couldn’t afford to show-off original iPhone 6. This one is cheaper and there is hardly any loop hole in cloning the exact feature of iPhone.

These days, Apple is both, rejoiced and frustrated with its new arrival – iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The bendgate issue and recent crescentgate troubles haunted its sale, while a new lawsuit dragged Apple to court for deleting music tracks from iTune libraries of iPod users. However, the concluding argument would say that Apple is booming around the world. The company is expanding. Recently, Apple has revealed that it’ll be opeing 500 stores in India soon.

Via: Gizmodo