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A Whopping 10,000mAh Battery-Pack to Complement Your Apple Devices – Moshi Ionbank


The market is flooded with backup battery packs these days and they are increasingly made attractive. It becomes harder to choose the right one to complement your devices. However, if you own any of the Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod or even a Mac then you may want to buy a battery pack that is equally capable and stands out in the crowded backup battery market. Moshi, a brand name known to churn out quality accessories for Apple devices is out with a whopping 10,000mAh backup battery that can charge up to two iPads with a single charge.

Given the huge capacity of Moshi’s Ionbank battery, you may expect it to be chunky and heavy. To you surprise, it comes enclosed in a small frame of just 4.84×3.15×0.98 inches in dimension. The benefits don’t just end there with its capacity and light weight. Just the way Apple devices make use of Aluminium and simplistic design in their devices, the Ionbank has the top and bottom covered in classy Aluminium separated by a white band made of plastic. It also has a set of LED lights to indicate the charge level, which can be turned on with a button placed next to it. Is that all? Oh wait, it also comes with a compact travel pouch for all that lugging you might do in your daily or occasional commute.

As nothing is made perfect, the Ionbank has its own caveats. The hidden charging cable at the bottom is of extremely short length making it extremely difficult to charge it unless you place it upright and close to an USB port and the package does not come with an USB-USB extender. It has two USB output ports to charge two devices simultaneously, which may come as a relief to many.

Although Moshi’s Ionbank can complement an Apple device perfectly, it can be used with any device that can be charged through USB cable. The backup battery may be a little pricey but it is worth paying for the Ionbank for its huge capacity and slick make.

You may visit the manufacturer’s website here for more information.

Arun Shekar
  • On December 15, 2013