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American product designer creates his own Apple TV UI prototype


Radu Dutzan is an American product designer, and is presently showcasing his new invention with a pride. It’s a new prototype created by him, which is being looked as a suggestion to Apple for its new version of TV software.

His prototype works with a touch-screen. The navigation is divided into three categories – one appears in vertical list, while other two are meant for horizontal scrolling and text search respectively.

The new Apple TV remote now includes a big clickable touch pad replacing the old click wheel.


The edge-swipe navigation is inspired from iOS. For example, to bring up a list of options for any video user just swipe up from the bottom of the touch pad, and options appear as they do in you smartphones.


The expectations are high from Apple these days, and we are sure the brand won’t let its fans down. The Apple TV needs an upgrade and it’ll surely get it.

Via: Technobuffalo