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Apple granted patent for digital pen that captures digital copies of handwritten notes

Apple patents smart pen

Apple is heading to become an icon manufacturer of advance technological gadgets, and continuing collecting patents for new age electronics, it has been granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday for a “communicating stylus” – a digital pen.

Considering smart pens like the LiveScribe 3, the concept isn’t new, and market already have digital pens from various makers, however, when Apple is doing it, the expectations are way high the brand.

Apple patents smart pen 2

Well, there are reasons for such reputations and even patent for this digital pen of Apple’s claim betterments in capturing digital copies of handwritten notes and drawings irrespective of almost every surface.

The pen is equipped with accelerometer sensors, device storage and wireless transmission to transfer the notes from the stylus to a digital display. That means, I am writing something which could be displayed on a bigger screen or that of an OS device.

While other smart pens would need a special surface to write, Apple stylus would do it almost on any surface using its 3D motions sensors. You can even write in air, for example.

We guess, an iPad is an ideal device to accompany this digital pen.

An improvement that this pen boast of is its ability to transfer data to external digital display is far efficient and instant. Apple doesn’t use infrared camera like others of its kind, rather, it utilize efficient accelerometers or other motions-sensing hardware. An onboard sensor track position changes in relation to an initial zero point and transmits realtime data for translation and graphical representations on an iOS screen.

There aren’t any words regarding the arrival of actual device, but it’ll appear in markets real soon. You could read more about it on Apple Insider.

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