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Apple & Microsoft settle differences over SkyDrive – Microsoft SkyDrive version 3.0 released for iOS

Good news to all SkyDrive users on the iOS platform – Microsoft & Apple finally settled their differences with the release of Microsoft SkyDrive version 3.0 appearing in Apple’s iStore for download via iTunes. The support to Microsoft SkyDrive ceased since 1st June 2012 as both Apple and Microsoft locked horns earlier over a 30 percent revenue cut dispute on SkyDrive storage purchases through Microsoft’s iOS App.

Microsoft formally announced the release of the updated version of its iOS SkyDrive version 3.0 App, now available for download. Earlier Microsoft released a statement saying it was “in contact with Apple regarding the matter,” and now it seems that the issue has been resolved.

The latest version of SkyDrive for iOS offers iPhone 5 and iPad Mini compatibility along with an overhauled feel and look to it. Now it supports downloading full resolution photos to your iPhone or iPad along with the ability to control the size of photos that are uploaded and downloaded. The updated App also fixes a number of bugs reported in the earlier version and brings performance improvements.
Microsoft has not released any comment regarding their dispute with Apple over revenue; although a spokesperson from Microsoft earlier released a statement quoting “each app store has their own set of processes to decide what apps are approved and can be released. Earlier this week, Apple approved the SkyDrive app for release and we’re excited to allow people everywhere to start using it.

Arun Shekar
  • On April 4, 2013