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Apple on SMS issue?

Pod2G has unearthed the SMS flaw in iOS which can actually enable someone to send a   spoofed SMS. This particular SMS will seem as if it has come from a trusted source. When Engadget got in touch with Apple it got some information related to the advantages that was a part of iMessage.

When it comes to security Apple does not take things lightly.When an iMessage is used in place of SMS then the addresses are verified so that any kind of spoofing activities are checked.

Through an SMS, messages can be send to any phone with the help of spoofed addressees. So customers are warned against it.

Any kind of SMS that directs them to a unknown website or address with the help of SMS. Security expert Seth Bromberger, a principal at NCI Security, provided us with few guidelines to minimize SMS spoofing. With the help of iMessage, Apple can show the number from which the message has originated to the senders number and also find our details such as recipient’s number.

Via: Tuaw