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Apple patents reverse AirPlay mirroring, turns portable devices into remote displays

Apple patent for revers AirPlay mirroring

Apple has been recently granted about 24 patents for various technologies, and five of them were granted today. One of them, Apple US Patent NO.8,918,822 for “Displaying a synchronized instance of content on a portable electronic device”.

Well, eventually we are here when technology will let us view an internet video stream synchronized to an identical stream playing on a fixed position device like Apple TV. If connectivity bothers you in any way, then it supports mirroring from TV to an iOS device as well.

Apple patent for revers AirPlay mirroring 2

You can imagine it like service similar to Netfix or Apple iTunes store. Apple suggests a portable device that will locate the source, name and timestamp of media streaming to a streaming device, then plays back said content in lockstep. Viewers must manually search for and input media streams in some embodiments, while in some others it’ll be automatic, ensuring immediate and seamless playback.

Apple patent for revers AirPlay mirroring 3

However, the system is dependent on Apple TV to serve up content. It can route data requests about current playback position and source information to retrieve the stream independently.

In case a viable source cannot be accessed like moving away from viewing area might miss proper service provider credentials, the user device can request a synchronized mirrored feed directly from an Apple TV unit.

Moreover, about mirroring, it’s a reverse implementation of curren iOS-to-Apple TV AirPlay.

However, it’s not known yet what Apple is upto with this technology, but Apple TV is the first guess.

Apple patent for revers AirPlay mirroring 4

Via: Apple Insider