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Apple Podcasts app for ultimate entertainment for free

Now you can subscribe and play your favourite podcasts on your iPhone, iPad or any Apple device. Apple’s latest App will allow you to do all this. Known as “Podcasts” is now available for download in the App Store and iTunes. You can access thousands of multi-media podcasts through the app and subscribe to those of your interest. Go to the Podcasts Catalog and discover amazing popular podcasts, which are all nicely organized by categories and topics. The new Top Stations feature will give you access to super cool audios and videos from across the world.

The single app will have thousands of audio and video podcasts in over 40 languages. It offers entertainment and information to almost any niche of people. Browse, discover and subscribe podcasts of various interests like arts, music, comedy, sports, business, science, etc. The Top Station feature will allow you to discover top podcasts of your category of interest. You can follow the popular podcasts scrolling through the Top Charts.

Once you have tapped “Subscribe” for your favourite topic, you will start receiving all the latest podcasts for you to consume for free. You can even download audios and videos to enjoy them later offline. You can stream them online and enjoy episodes right away online. The app features easy to use playback buttons to forward, skip and back the episodes. Besides, the Sleep Timer allows you to run the podcasts for as long you want and it will stop automatically, if you have fallen asleep in between.

Apple Podcasts app is a great fun and you would love sharing your favourites with friends using Twitter, emails and messages. It also has a option to sync the feeds with your other Apple devices via iTunes.

Excited? Download it for free from this link.