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Apple to hire staff with retail & luxury background to sell upcoming Watch

Apple Watch hiring

The release date for Apple Watch isn’t confirmed yet, but the company looks very careful in creating the right perspective to ensure good sales. A wrist-watch has always been a close associate of fashion lovers. When there were no smartwatches, simple wrist-watches used to come with huge price tags from popular brands across the world.
Apple think hiring a fashion-conscious staff would help create an environment suitable to entertain the targeted group of consumers – the fashion freaks. Obviously, there is always a huge difference in the way with which a fashion accessory store displays its products and one in which a electronic store does.

The claims came from a report by 9to5Mac that states to have seen internal hiring documents of Apple, and it suggests that the company is looking to hire retail staff with a fashion or luxury background.

Apple’s inclination towards fashion related experts isn’t new. Apple had earlier hired many executives from various fashion and luxury backgrounds. Angela Ahrendts, ex-CEO of Burberry and Paul Deneve, former CEO of Yves St. Laurent are a couple of examples.

If the reports are accurate, then Apple is on the right track for its new product. People with a knowledge of how to cater to the needs of fashion conscious along with tempting them towards stores are more likely to handle Apple’s much awaited watch. The watch could land in the markets anytime during next year. There isn’t any confirmed date for its release, just rumors.

Via: Gizmodo