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Apple Watch production delayed, will be available in limited edition

apple-watch production delay

We presume, rumors around the Apple Watch will only be put to rest once the device hits the market. But if you’re someone, who followed the Apple Watch unveiling at the September 9 Apple media event, and believe you’ll have one of these watches around your wrist in early 2015 (as expected until now); then you may need to check again.

According to a revelation by experts, Apple could be facing production issues with their watch. Rumors suggest Apple Watch will not go into production before January 2015 and could be released initially in a very limited quantity.

Brian Blair from Rosenblatt Securities informs that Apple Watch production has been delayed. While it was supposedly set to go into mass production in November this year, but the due to issues with the watch’s sapphire display – its production could be delayed until January.

Blair believes that due to delay in production, the Apple Watch will hit the market as late as February 2015, and will be made available in limited edition. He further suggests that Quanta – Apple’s major supplier will only be able to produce up to 15 million Apple Watch Units. Only if there is a further demand for the watch, Apple will produce up to 25 million units. Scheduled to sell for a starting price of $349, we assume Apple will have to stretch to limits.

Via: GforGamers