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Apple’s ‘anti-reflective display’ in iPad Air 2 gets praise from experts

Apple anit-reflective display
DisplayMate reviewed Apple iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, and is all praise for the new full-sized slate. However, the smaller sibling is dubbed as disappointing. It also gave positive reviews about iPad 2’s bonded glass design. The power-efficiency of the new iPad has come down by 16%, so again, it’s a disappointment.

Still, Apple introduced a feature that has been claimed to be the most innovative display technology in Apple devices. It’s the new anti-reflective coating in the iPad Air 2. It allows user to see the display clearly even in bright sunlight conditions, and also prevents colors from looking washed out during indoor use.

On the other hand, DisplayMate isn’t surprised with the fact that Apple did not upgrade the iPad mini 3 display. May be, Apple focused more on adding Touch ID. The disappointment could have been compromised a bit if the device had the same anti-reflective coating that it gave to iPad Air 2. It appears that Apple is very conservative about some features of its designs, but the competitor in the market might compel Apple to compromise with some of them.