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‘Change’ – Apple’s latest iPad Air 2 TV Ad

apple ipad air 2

Disappointed with low sales of iPad Air 2 in the last quarters, Apple has launched another attempt to boost up with its new TV Ad for iPad Air 2. Tech-blogging world has gone crazy about it like it always does. Some compare it with an ‘attempt to find a way to sell archetype others shower warm greetings on its arrival.

The ad shows all that usual stuff like guiding users how to use iPad Air 2 for various purposes. Rather, the ad suggests almost everything except cooking omelet on it. They show it in water, on motorcycle, with sheep, in a workshop, classroom, or anywhere. Tayasui Sketches, iStopMotion Plus, ODB fusion, AutoCAD 360 etc. are some of the demonstrated apps. Why to waste words when we have the actual thing. Take a look at the new iPad Air 2 TV Ad yourself:

The measurements are impressive for the hardware, but actually, the apps are going to make it what this new advertisement is trying to sell. So, we guess, Apple has already included all the apps it had shown in its new sub-category, Change, on its official website.