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Chinese man’s iPhone locked for 45 years on wrong pin entry

iphone disable for 45 years

In China, an iPhone 4s responded to wrong pin entries with unexpected prejudice. A user entered wrong pin for five times and a message appeared on the screen saying, “iPhone is disabled – try again in 23,614,974 minutes”.
The usual break time for an iPhone, when a wrong pin is entered, starts from one minute and increases with each wrong attempt. However, it couldn’t be worse than this case. The phone’s own lifespan is much smaller than the time it gave for another attempt.

This poor guy approached a repair shop instead of an Apple store where he was informed that he’ll have to restore the operating system in order to bypass the lock. However, he’ll have to sacrifice all the data.

Apple doesn’t confirm receiving similar trouble anywhere, and suggests that the user must have jailbroken his iPhone. Apple never advice that. It voids the warranty along with posing security risk to device.

Well, what can we say now? The only option is to restore the device or keep it in bank vault for his grandchildren. After 45 years, it could be put on auction for being the only device to have got locked down for such a long period of time.

Via: Rocket News24