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Dejero LIVE + Mobile App can turn your iPhone to broadcast camera

LIVE + is a portable broadcasting system and Dejero is the company   that is behind LIVE+. With the help of these, reporters can deliver live HD or SD video with the help of cellular, Ethernet or Wi-fi connection.

Dejero is making use of this technology into an iOS app, which is known as LIVE + Mobile App, that will transform any iPhone 4S or iPad into a live action broadcasting camera so users can let be news reporters

The Dejero LIVE + Mobile App enables the users to  broadcast live HD or SD video with the help of an iOS device. It makes use of Dejero’s patent-pending bonded cellular technology which combines both Wi-Fi and cellular connections so that live broadcast of the best quality footage quality can be achieved. The app uses the front and rear-facing cameras, so any reporter can shoot the action that he witnesses inn a single video with the help of iPhone.

CTO of Dejero, Bogdan Frusina remarked that this technology will enable reporters to be the first on a news scene and will help them to get high quality live footage for their viewers, which was not possible in the past.

This app can be of great potential for professional and amateur reporters, and this does not require much of crew. Dejero LIVE + Mobile App is available for free in the App Store, but one just requires a Dejero LIVE + Broadcaster server.