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Dragging mail to notes

One can simply drag their e-mail from Mail to Notes, and eventually Notes will display a clickable link with the subject of the e-mail. All you need to do is to click on the link to open the e-mail in Mail.

It is even more interesting when you can copy the link to the message by right-clicking and choosing Copy Link. Then, you can paste the link into a text editor, which will look like

When you paste the link into an application which can recognize it as a link, it can be clickable, and will open the e-mail. Text Edit will display this as a link, if someone is using a RTF document. BusyCal can be used as a calendar application, and pasting an e-mail link in the Notes field will finally lead to a a clickable link although Apple’s Calendar doesn’t recognize but the Scrivener word processor recognizes it as a link. On the other hand Microsoft Word does not recognize it.

 The text that you finally get after selecting the Copy Link” is actually a valid URL, so one must know how to make a link in each app. The most common shortcut that is being used in the Mac is Command-K, corresponding to an “Edit Link…”

 In Apple’s iCal/Calendar app, one can paste the d make it clickable as long when you put it in the URL field.

Via: Macworld