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Expecting a Retina edition Apple MacBook Air with wireless charging in 2015?


More updates are popping up around the web, this time, speculating the release date of Apple’s 2015 MacBook Air series and features it could include in it. Although, there is no certainty of what it would be, but still some shallow images could be created from bits and pieces of information reported by different tech news blogs.

First of all, Apple might make it a Retina edition, for which consumers are really desperate. If we consider what Modern Readers had been talking about it, then Retina MacBook Air would feature Intel’s newest Broadwell-U Chip. There isn’t any word on whether it would be Core i3, i5, or i7 Broadwell-U processor. These new chip sets are said to be quieter and thinner. That means thickness would be cut for the whole design.

Then, there is a talk about iOS device integration feature that’ll build continuity while working on different iOS devices.

Needless to say, whether the world needs it or not, Apple fans are expecting the charging mechanism to be wireless, or, at least, more than what it is right now. There is no official confirmation or release on behalf of the company, but the talks must go on until Apple actually does that.

Via: Au.Ibtimes