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Extreme Reality SDK open to all Developers, works with your 2D camera and no Kinect required


For eight years Extreme Reality, an Israeli startup has been innovating and building the motion capture technology. The company today announced they are opening up the kimono with a platform which is capable of turning any basic 2D camera like your webcam or laptop cam into something like kinect, empowering you to capture a 3D range of movement. So soon you will be able to add Kinect-like experiences to various games on your  iPad, MacBook, and iMac, without spending a single penny to buy some hardware.

They are offering it as a free SDK called the Extreme Reality’s Extreme Motion, software which will work with an iOS device’s built-in Face Time camera and will enable developers to capture and analyze motion for their apps and games.

Asaf Barzilay, Extreme Realty’s vice president of products and research and development said:

We’re aiming to give people a console-like experience without the user having to buy additional hardware

Extreme Reality for now has launched a new developer zone and an SDK (which supports Unity, C++ and C# programming languages for multiple operating systems, including iOS, Windows7 and WinRT)for developers.

Where developers will be able to test out and play Extreme Reality’s motion control software. Without asking consumers to buy hardware, they believe the market for motion-centric games could be orders of magnitude larger.

Download your free SDK: Extreme Reality Developer Lobby

  • On October 1, 2013