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Finally, Apple iTune store offers ‘The Interview’ film for rent and purchase

Sony Hack-The Interview

After Sony studio hack, the curiosity for its controversial American comedy film ‘The Interview’ saw a rise worldwide.

After, the movie was screen in over 200 theaters and was put online four days ago; Apple has also decided to make it available on its iTune store (rent for $ 6 to or buy for $15).

While, North Korea was alleged by FBI to have associations with the responsible hacker group ‘Guardians of Peace’, the country denies it.

However, after the screening of the film was delayed and canceled in American theaters for it angered the North Koreans, the film was made available for rent on various online platforms a few days back. Moreover, the theaters had received threats of violence if they screened it. The movie has been available for rent since Wednesday on YouTube, Movies, Google Play, Xbox and a dedicated Sony-built website,

This $44 million film stars Seth Rogen and James Franco. It’s a story of two journalists who plans to assassinate North Koreal leader Kim Jong Un. The screening of the movie was stalled after it had received criticism from media, Hollywood celebrities and US president Obama.

Presently, ‘The Interview’ has become Sony’s No. 1 online film of all time with over 2 million online purchase and rent.

Via: Reuters