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How to exit when not in use with iPad Mil app

Facing problems by finding out ways to exit the E-mail app on your iPad ? Even attempted to switch off your iPad and still unsuccessful with the results?

We surely have a way out. For that initially you need to be aware that the iPad is available in two models, one which connects to the internet over Wi- Fi  and the another iPad Wi-Fi 3G connects Wi-Fi or via your  service provider network. iPad despite being a revolutionary gadget by Apple can sometimes confuse you with the proper functioning of its apps. Even a .baby can use an iPad, but some actions aren’t as intuitive, like completely closing out of an application.

As you already know that the app works with Safari web browser and the multitask operation of your iPad can flood its memory. So, you need to exit the apps which are not in use .follow these steps and enjoy the higher speed applications.

–          Visit the iPad home screen —-à launch the e-mail app —-à tap the mail icon.

–          Operate your mail account the way you want it to.

–          To exit the mail app, initially you need to tap on the Home button.

–          Pressing the Home button twice will bring to your notice the iPad’s list of recently used apps.

–          Press and hold the mail icon and remove it from the multitasking bar.

–          You are done with quitting the mail app.

–          Tap on the Home button once, this will hide the list of recent apps.