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How to arrange iPhone icons in alphabetical order

If you do a lot more than just talking, chatting and watching videos on your iPhone, then it must have got all cluttered with all the new apps downloaded by you. Too many apps can annoy you most of the times as you might end up deleting or messing up some in the haste. Well, in this case you are in a bad need to order your icons.

When iPhone lets you organize your stuff in the best possible manner then why live in mess. You can easily arrange your icons in groups for a hassle-free navigation and access to different features and applications. It will save you from trouble of locating the apps, save your time and ultimately add an ultimate peace to your geek life.

In order to divide and organize your icons into groups you need to perform a simple tip. There is a Reset Home Screen Layout feature in your phone. You just need to use that to make your iPhoning simpler and organized.

How to do that?

Go to “Settings” —- “General” —- “Reset” —-“Reset Home Screen layout.

Now you can arrange your iPhone afresh like putting all in-built applications in one page, the downloaded ones in another and further arrange the icons in alphabetic order. It will render your Home screen neat and clutter-free.