iOS 7 only shows first names in the Messages apps: Know how to fix it!

iOS 7 only shows first names in the Messages apps ,this something which has bothered many of our Apple nerds. If you have also tried upgrading your phone or iPad to iOS7, you must have noticed that the Message and Mail apps are only showing the first name of the contact in a conversation window.

How To Display Full Contact Names In iOS 7 Messages App

This might confuse users having a people with same name in their contact list e.g David Beckman and another by David smith. However, you don’t have to worry or confuse yourself anymore because there’s a way to get last names back on by default.Follow the below mentioned steps.

1. Open Settings.
2. Navigate to Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Scroll down a little and tap on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
3. Under Contacts, tape the option Short Name.

 Scroll towards the bottom and you’ll notice a section named “Short Name” inside the Contacts section.
4. Disable short names by turning the option to off.
5. Alternatively, choose another option to show first or last name only or first or last name with an initial.

Disable short names by turning the option to off

After doing this you will now be able to see a last name as saved in your contact list. In setting panel, you will find that “Prefer Nicknames” is on by default. This is again a good option that you can keep enabled if you have configured Nick Names for some of your contacts i.e., for parents, brothers, sisters, boyfriend, girlfriend etc.

So, now enjoy conversations with your friends and near ones without getting confused.