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iPhone 5 reports of thefts

There have been several incidents to theft all across the globe as retail stores that stocked the latest iPhone 5 have been stolen from the shops. Since most of the retailers, carriers and stores have already taken delivery of the product on the launch day itself ,reports of several units of this phone have been stolen began to surface.

Security has been beefed up at Apple’s retail stores and the staff has been on high alert as window displays and demo units have been set up. However, the most affected were the stores that did not have any security once the store closed for the day. According to the \Wall Street Journal, 191 units have been lifted from three different shops that are run by carrier partners KDDI and Softbank in the Osaka area in Japan. Although the police could not ascertain the theft but they are investigating the case on the basis of security footage and other kinds of evidence .Most of the units that were stolen were from Softbank outlet.

According to sources a Softbank corp store in the western part of Osaka city   recorded about 116 devices stolen including the one that was for the store display. As per the police the device which was stolen from the locked backroom at 4:24 a.m. was recorded on security camera footage. The video footage also showed three males In another separate incident about 250 iPhone 5 units were stolen from London .Some cash were also stolen from the safe of the shop. It is estimated that the 252 stolen iPhones would be worth about $250,000approximately.

Via: Macrumors


  • On September 25, 2012