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iPhone 5 tops as the most desired product

As per the recent survey, it is the iPhone 5, which is most popular, when it comes to becoming the most coveted product . Though there has been no formal announcement with regard to the next iPhone or iPad Mini but there is already some speculation as what will come out first.

When you compare the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini then one might find that there is a demand for iPhone 5. A survey conducted by the Coupon Code 4u proves this fact.

As per the survey conducted among 1,900 individuals. Nearly 78 percent chose the iPhone 5, while others even claimed that they would use their Smartphone more . There were others who had questions that were related to smaller version of iPad.

As per research the iPad is still considered to be a luxury item and the iPhone, is an innovative product. The survey was conducted on a certain crossection of the people. About three quarters already had an Apple product while the 64% had an iPhone and the other 40% owned an iPad .

The survey conducted on 21% of those who were interested showed that they would think of going for iPad Mini for their children.

Via: CNet