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iPhone 6 faces Crescentgate trouble after Bendgate

Crescentgate trouble

Apple bendgate troubled the makers soon after it landed in the market. The phone was observed to be prone to get bent easily as it was too slim, and now Apple users are having trouble with its front-camera. Hundreds of consumers were found complaining that the front-facing camera on iPhone 6 is misaligned.

The camera has shifted in these phones and resulting in a grey-coloured crescent shape appearing on the top corner of the phone’s face. Take a closer look at the image posted above.

Crescentgate trouble 2

The users are already calling it Crescentagate issue for the shape is similar to crescent. Apple is either replacing the front screens of consumers approaching them with this issue, and, in some other cases, they are replacing the defected phones with new ones.

Apple isn’t quite sure as to what causing this trouble, but surely, they would be onto it. It’s not that all of these iPhone 6s suddenly and simultaneously reported the issue, but it’s just that now many people tried to search regarding the trouble and found that there are many other users who have posted same quarry on forums.

Although, Apple has procured enough profits and positive review for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but with such a frequent surfacing of defects in some models is spoiling the party for the maker.

Via: TrusteDreviews