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iPhone Theater Concept: Lame?


I love learning about concepts, especially when they are about Apple products. I assure you, the one being mentioned here is pretty amusing, in case you are only interested in real stuff. The iPhone Theater imagines it to be miraculous technology. Right, that’s what the irony is. It barely makes sense.

Well, the concept features headphones with boom with a box placed at the end. The very box is used to hold the iPhone 5.  Strangely, the box that holds the iPhone 5, is exactly in front of your eyes. The idea was that you can watch and listen to the iPhone activity straight with headphones, without having to use your hands. However, the placement of iPhone 5 box is close enough to block your vision, instead. The phone arm might actually throw you against things to get hurt.

However, the good thing is that the phone arm is foldable, in case you want to walk freely carrying your iPhone 5 on head. The only concern is that will it be actually healthy for eyes to watch movies or videos from that close, wearing this complicated gear?

Well, do not worry as it may not turn into a real thing before it is improvised to a great extent.


Via: CultofMac