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Issues of scratches on the iPhone 5

Apple’s Senior President of Marketing Phil Schiller has expressed his views with regard to the problem that one is likely to face with iPhone 5 prone to scratching. It is with regard to the black model. There was one Apple fan that had some query with regard to what the company could do to get rid of this problem.

Schiller was quick to respond by stating that some amount of scratching on the aluminum surface was a normal phenomenon. However it seems that Apple has hardly come up with any solution with regard to this particular problem. There was already some buzz online regarding the fact that the device is susceptible to scratches. It seems that the users are also coming up with these unique problems which really do not necessarily be of much concern to the company.

Apple’s latest device iPhone 5 seems to be quite resistant to any problems that might surface when being dropped. It is much better and sturdy in terms of quality than the iPhone 4 so there could be hardly any issues with regard to scratches on the latest device from Apple. This particular problem might be encountered by a small minority of users. However we need to have a closer look in the months to come.

Via: Tecnobuffalo

  • On September 27, 2012