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Latest comparisons between the 9-pin Dock connector and Micro USB

The web world is already buzzing with the several pictures that have been posted online, which show a comparison between Apple’s smaller port connector and standard Micro USB. The photos have been posted online by the French blog, It is the same blog that had showed us the first snapshot of the smaller dock in August, this year.

The latest pictures show us that the two components are more or less same in size.

According to the latest buzz, reports and the images have hinted at the fact that Apple has plans of coming out with a smaller dock connector for its iOS devices.

iLounge recently commented that the third party manufacturers are yet to receive the engineering details that are needed for manufacturing the docking accessories for the latest handset.

Various  leaks online have hinted at the fact that the 8 or 9 pin port sis going to be a part of the latest iPhone and also the iPad Mini.

According to reports after nine years of third party accessory growth Apple has not yet given the engineering details to any third party though there is hardly two weeks remaining for the launch of the latest iPhone. The site also hinted the fact that Apple might come out with its own iPhone accessories in the market. Apple latest port is going to have 8-pin build which will have 8pins which will be exposed to a metal shell that might represent the ninth contact. The layout will allow the users to plug in cable in any kind of orientation. The images also pointed out Meizu adverts which were behind the cables but the manufacturer did not take this into account.

Via: Inrumor

  • On September 11, 2012