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Latest pictures of iPhone 5

We have already had a sneak peek into the back cover and the front glass panel of the   iPhone 5. Pictures were already leaked online about several weeks back.

According to mockups from Technobuffalo the iPhone 5 comes with four inch aluminum and glass back and a FaceTime camera right above the earpiece on the front. These mockups actually make the iPhone resemble like the iPhone 4 from the front, although a bit taller. However the back of the phone looks different altogether.

In order to make use of the larger screen, the mockups also show an additional line of apps above the dock. The best part is that the Apple’s apps can all fit together on home screen without the need of any folder.

Hover the non updated apps will be letterboxed due to the extra screen. Another mock up shows the game cut the rope with the help of 88 pixels on top and bottom so that it can fit the screen. An icon will also help to fill the entire screen while cutting off the sides. The screen gives better video experience as it is taller. However the current iPhone 4S puts black bars around any kind of video due to aspect ratio. However the new screen might not require black bars for any kind of movies and TV shows.

There will be alos reports coming in regarding how the iOS will function on a larger screen. The iPhone 5 will have 4GLTE and a faster CPU and also a maps app as a part of iOS6.

Via: Gottamobile, Technobuffalo

  • On September 19, 2012