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Microsoft’s new ad hits at Apple MacBook Air with convertible Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro

lenovo yoga 3 pro vs apple mackbook air

The battle between Microsoft and Apple is put into continuity as a new Mircrosoft ad appears and does a head-to-head comparison of Apple’s MacBook and Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, which runs on Windows. ‘Yoga 3 Pro – Let’s Dance’ ad video appeared on Youtube with the following words from Windows:

It’s an epic dance-off between the new Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro and the MacBook Air. But does the MacBook Air stand a chance against the sleekness and multi-mode flexibility of the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro? Nope. And once you add the touchscreen, it’s game over. The Yoga 3 Pro proves there’s more than one way to do what you want.

“It’s a direct attack on MacBook’s claims of being sleekest laptop, stirs the incapability to fold or covert, into a tablet, and lack of a touch-screen at the top of all. Lenovo made some modifications in Yoga 3 Pro, and now, it claims 13mm sleek design as compared to 17 mm thick MacBook.”

It can be folded to convert it into a tablet or could be put in tent mode, while MacBook can’t do any of them. Microsoft vs Apple war is a long story and it’s not a surprise to see such a direct charge on each other.
However, on the other hand, Apple justify the lack of these features saying that if you’ll try to make laptop a table too, then, you’ll end with compromising with both. Apple MacBook Air is a sit down sort of experience, and it must remain that way. The brand considers such interface to be inappropriate for a laptop.

Anyhow, the Yog 3 Pro, which runs of Window 8.1, has so far received positive reviews from the consumers. If not all, then, this ad did do some damage to Apple claims, especially that of creating sleekest device.