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Mous iPhone case – Protection with headphone storage

mous musicase iphone case 3

Mous team including designers James Griffith and Josh Shires based out of Manchester has put a project on Kickstarter – ‘Mous Musicase – iPhone case with headphone storage’. Of course, there got to be something really unique about it. Well, it’s a matter of individual preferences that creates the perception.

Mous iPhone case is prepared through 3D CAD designing and 3D printing. Along with protection to your iPhone, it facilitates your use of headphones. You can wind up the headphone cord into the safety of the cover. The design uses simple concept of winding up. There is no chance that you’ll find tangled cords again or that you’ll ever forget your headphones at home or lose them. They are always there with your phone, ready for a quick access. You know, it saves your time as well. It might be a few second, but it does that.

mous musicase iphone case

Griffiths had worked at Proctor & Gamble before they teamed-up with Mous. P&G, as he suggests, was holding his potential and the pace was frustrating there.

In Griffiths own words:

“It certainly has allowed me to develop a much disciplined approach but I’ve been eager to build something of my own rather than manage a slow moving ship. Mous is just that, we have managed to pick apart a problem and find a great solution but made a ton of mistakes along the way.That is how we learn, prototyping with our 3D printer then going back and forth to the drawing board. It’s tiring but great fun.”

There isn’t anything wrong with the design except that your phone will look little fat – a little compromise with the looks. Presently, the project is did well on Kickstarter along with grabbing the attention of manufacturer in the UK. You can grab more details about the project on Kickstarter.

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mous iphone

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Via: Develop 3D