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Multitasking on iPhone – Can this be the new App Switcher in the upcoming iOS 7?

When it comes to multitasking between Apps on mobile there is no denying fact that iOS is certainly the least functional in real world – Android clearly leads the way. For long, conceptualizers and visualizers have been at it to propose the best UI overhaul that iOS could have to offer convenient multitasking to its users. Ran Avni is a designer who brings fresh new ways in which the next iOS could execute multitasking.As visualized by Ran, the new UI puts Apps in the form of playcards. See the video below:
The video presents each running App in the iPhone taking the shape of cards with a cross sign to its top left. The user can scroll between Apps as one would do flipping cards. One may even draw similarities with Auxo for iPhone and Multifl0w for iPhone but what Ran Avni presents looks like an extended versions of these two in both functionality and looks. Each card is placed in the grid form with a cross/delete sign that would enable the user to kill a running task instantly or switch to it. As and when the number or running Apps are reduced, the window size of each card representing Apps will get bigger – making full use of the screen size – really smart.
iOS 7 Multitasking Concept
With this card shaped preview window of running apps staring at you out of the iPhone – it is unlikely of you to misfire wrong app or close an app that you are currently working on by mistake. It certainly comes as a big relief to those annoyed by the stock multitasking feature of iOS.
Look forward to iOS 7 release during this year’s WWDC 2013 in San Francisco, June 10th onward. Though this visualized UI doesn’t offer the perfect multitasking (like closing all running Apps at once), we could only hope that the next iOS comes with a revamped multitasking feature that would blow the boring 2-dimensional multitasking we currently have.

Arun Shekar