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Next iPhone version might respond like cat on free fall to minimize damage

Apple patents active fall protection  2

A recent Apple patent for a “Protective mechanism for an electronic device” has fueled up hopes for intelligent devices which would be immune to screen- cracking on falling. Two Apple engineers have invented a technology that’ll enable a device respond like a cat on a sudden fall from a height. Using motion detector, gyroscope, GPS, the device would be able to calculate the height, orientation while falling, which will be used to change the center of gravity, thus, choosing best suitable angel to make contact with ground or surface.

Technically, if we consider an iPhone, then its vibration motor could be used to change the angular momentum of the device. For that, a statistical analysis would be carried out after generating details of the rate of spin, angular velocity, time to impact including many other variables.

Apple patents active fall protection  3

The trick is generate responsive reflex that’ll trigger the protective mechanism in a device like it could eject out battery to reduce mass, thus, momentum or a vibrator could be triggered to change the angle. It could be anything, even a small parachute to decrease the impact. Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus feature bespoke linear oscillating motors that do not use an eccentrically connected rotational mass. So, that’s a hint what it could be.

Apple patents active fall protection

Then, it could be jettison headphone cables in freefall event, which, with the help of motors, would either extend or retract air foils or aerodynamic surface to control landing on ground. The possibility of including an unconventional method like miniaturized gas canisters to provide thrust force to slow down a fall.

The patent was filed in September 2011 after Apple engineers Nicholos King and Fletcher Rothkopf invented it. The patent was granted to Apple last Tuesday. You can take a detailed look at the patent here.

Via: Apple Insider