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OS X 10.6 Safari users now can get Java Support on a site-by-site basis

Users of  Safari on OS X 10.6 will now be able to enable Java on their Safari browser on a site-by-site basis against the enable/disable option available in earlier versions. This will greatly facilitate users who would want to keep Java enabled for trusted sites only while they keep Java disabled for sites that can’t be trusted, and stay protected from malicious sites.

The update enables Java on a site-by-site basis on Snow Leopard machines and this news comes at a time when the Java runtime development has gone past its official support period.

The latest version of Java developed by Apple (Java SE 6) though still supported in Snow Leopard, further support for this version has been stopped as Oracle started maintaining Java.

The sole idea behind this update is to make it easier for users to create something like a ‘wish-list’ of sites, which they can trust with Java while obscuring every other unknown sites out there. This allows them to play on their favourite Java-run game site without worrying about getting infected by an infected site.

The Snow Leopard version of the latest Safari also includes some noteworthy updates that improves overall performance even on low memory, fixes bugs and also automatically disables Adobe Flash versions that are not up-to-date for security reasons, so the user always has the latest update and is protected.

Systems that do not have Java already installed running OS X 2012-006, Java will be disabled with the update though the users will have the option to update to the latest version of Java SE 7. To install the updates, Apple requires two updates, each for Java and Safari that can be done through Software Update service in OS X. Both updates are of 100MB in size.

When the user visits a Java enabled website for the first time, the browser will prompt the user to choose between Block or Allow options for the Java applet to run. Alternatively, the user can enable Java for a blocked website in the Security section of Safari’s preferences Menu. This new feature is also available for systems running Java SE 6 in OS X Lion.

This article has been sourced from here and here. You can check these sites for detailed instruction on enabling and disabling Java in OS X.

Arun Shekar
  • On April 17, 2013