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OWC’s 1TB and 2TB SSD Upgrades available for 2013 Mac Pro


Mac Pro users are kind of stuck at 1 GB storage. Apple won’t allow more than that, and foreign agents are unwelcome to upgrade the existing one. Mac pro users really hate it when this happens. Anyway, now, there is a 2 TB option available for internal storage upgrade.

Other World Computing (OWC) dared to introduce new 1 TB and 2 TB Aura SSD upgrades for the Mac Pro. Users also get a kit with instructions for do-it-yourself, using which they could convert existing SSD into an external USB 3.0 drive.

As compared to Apple’s 1 TB upgrade, OWC’s upgrade for the same capacity cost slightly higher at $899. OWC’s 2 TB solution will cost $1,479. Again, it comes with a SSD to external USB 3.0 conversion kit.

The kits are available for pre-order and ensures everything needed for a DIY storage upgrade is included like step-by-step installation instructional video, of course, in addition to OWC tech support.

Via: Macrumors