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Smartwatch for your liking – Apple Watch pitted against the Samsung Gear S

Apple watch Vs Samsung Gear S

The smartwatch industry is growing like wild fire; just about every consumer electronics manufacture is trying bite a chunk in the pie. All said, two giants that are surely going to rule the roost are Samsung and Apple – so, we thought of taking a look at what each of these would have on offer.

Samsung is there in the market, and without doubt, courtesy its line of Gear smartwatches, it holds the best footing in the market; a share that it is slated to increase with the introduction of the Gear S smartwatch. The square-dial Gear S will make it to the market later this month.

While Samsung Gear S is going to be the next leap in smartwatches, thanks to its relatively large 2-inch 480 x 360 resolution curved Super AMOLED display, dual-core 1.0GHz processor 512MB of RAM and handsome 4GB memory onboard, it is bound to face tough competition from the recently unveiled Apple Watch.

Interestingly, Samsung Gear S will trade Android for Tizen-based operating system and will feature 3G connectivity to make calls, send SMS.

No matter how much Jony Ive may claim the Apple Watch to be fashion accessory, at the end it is a smartwatch we all will love to use as a wearable gadget. The Watch, scheduled to ship in the first quarter of 2015, looks like an iPod Nano on the wrist with features of an iPhone S.

When released, Apple watch will feature Gear S type square dial with touchscreen and will have a digital crown “spinny knob” to adjust time and toggle between features. With its close to 2-inch display (1.5-inch and the 1.65-inch to be precise – Apple Watch will come in two variants, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport) Apple Watch runs a modified version of the mobile iOS, has a NFC chip and has Wi-Fi for connectivity.  Available in six different color options and swappable wrist bands, the wireless charging Apple Watch touts a battery life of almost 24 hours.