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The latest clock app to check weather on iPad


The latest Clock App has brought with it a whole new feature in terms of getting weather on the iPad with even downloading third party apps.

This particular clock app is only meant for iPad users and it can perform all the functions that iPhone and iPod touch clock app had performed earlier. In addition to that one can also get the present temperature. You can either launch Clock, tap on “World Clock” on the bottom. Then you can launch enter the location if you want the current weather. This app helps you in displaying you the weather and temperature along with the time in each location around the world that you have selected.

You can even tap on any particular location so that you can view a larger version of the clock with the current temperature as displayed in the screen shot. This clock app also has certain limitations as it will only display the current temperature and you will not find any predictions. For forecast you need to use Siri or any other third party app. This full screen clock can be a screen saver for the iPad when it is not in use. In order to have a full screen clock all you need to do is turn off auto- dimming and screen locking.

Via: OSXdaily

  • On September 27, 2012