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The latest MacBook Pro declared the “least repairable laptop”

Renowned repair website, iFixit, did a complete teardown of the latest Retina Display MacBook Pro. The iFixit guys brokedown quite a few components that include the logic board, both the fans, the SSD, audio and microphone jacks etc. However, the most shocking revelation that iFixit made is about the battery of the newest Retina display MacBook Pro. Replacing the battery could cost you as much as staggering $500. Moreover according to iFixit repairing the battery is almost impossible owing to the difficulty levels involved. The reason behind this is Apple’s idea of keeping the laptop extremely thin. Apple has done away with screws but instead has glued the battery into the case. Further, all the different parts of the display assembly have been so merged to do away with glass protection layer.

If you are planning to own a latest Retina display MacBook Pro, well then you must take extra care of it and forget about ever taking it for repair. If you want detailed information about its repair options, check out the complete repair guide prepared by iFixit here.

Via: MacNN