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Three apps for iPhone: Download these weekend must haves


Apps for the iPhone have always been more than mere games and weather or location applications. There are countless number of apps, which pop up on the App store every day, thus choosing which one you should have on your iPhone isn’t an easy task. We tried to make it a little easier for you here, and have listed three must have apps on your phone.


Yes, that’s how this really useful app for all you businessmen is called. It’s an app which lets the iPhone user to create a meeting library (yeah, memorizing meeting dates and minutes is near impossible). In the meeting library you can create ideas, add points of interest and lets you send summaries of it automatically to all the participants in the meeting.


Weekend is not the right time to be trading on the stock exchange; but it surely is the best time to prepare for the trading in the coming week. If you are like anyone else, and fear losing money in forms of trade commissions or otherwise in trading, you need the Robinhood app to do some commission-free trading. The free app provides historical share prices and lets you stock hit list. It does wrecks that fear of losing money if not earn you millions.

Zen Shopping

We covered the businessman in you and that stock broker you want to be. But its holiday season so we need to add an app for the shopping frenzy. The simple shopping app – the Zen Shopping app lets you compare prices for an items and finds coupons of interest for you (nothing better than saving a few bucks while shopping).