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Twitter insist to remove API for Instagram

Now millions of Instagram users won’t be able to search their friends via Twitter.  Twitter has decided that it won’t allow its user to access the information via Twitter API.  Ever since Facebook has purchased Instagram , it has become a popular , a strong sharing platform.

Recently Instagram has announced 80 million users and new app update.  What we going to miss isfinding friends on Twitter. Most of the users could follow same people they followed on Twitter on Instagram. Since Twitter has restricted API, we will be only allowed to tweet photo as it is still available.

This are basically business traits adopted by Twitter as it was fed up with users leaving their network and joining Facebook. In short we can say Facebook profit graph is going upward. By doing this Twitter in this way is cutting off the competition with the competitors. This is really going to affect the Twitter fans as most of them won’t be much interested in just following celebrity or reading trendy articles.

We just need to wait and watch until what Twitter finally decides to do.

Via: TechCrunch