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Wi-Fi Plus Cellular” helps when connections fail

iPhones users already know about the fact that the device detects Wi-Fi signals, which could be problematic irrespective of the fact whether the connection is strong or weak. It is rather an annoying situation when you have just managed to get on to the Wi-Fi network and then save on some data only to realize that the connection is slow. However, with Apple’s latest iOS 6 beta. The slow connections can now be detected and will help you to connect your iPhone back to the cellular data or till the time when a good Wi-Fi connection is found.

This particular feature can be found under Settings > General > Cellular systems in the setting particular feature is the final release of the software,. The iPhone can automatically get back to cellular data to keep iCloud Documents purchases, Passbook, iTunes and Reading Lists

“Wi-Fi plus Cellular” can also enable Face Time video to carry on and they can automatically switch back to mobile broadband networks.

No owner of   iPhone running will run without encountering any problems if the Wi-Fi hotspot that is in proper working condition. Make sure to keep any current syncing running properly so that no data is being lost during the process.

Via: Gigaom